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ONE and ONLY YESUNG - most beautiful and sexiest voice in SUPER JUNIOR

In the beginning, I am impressed a lot by Kyuhyun, until now....I'm falling in love with his voice___NO DOUBT,OK...people say he has been blessed by angelic voice (THAT's 100% true...) I have no reason to be stubborn about this...KYU has ALL that women around the world are dying and crazy for him...MORE and MORE I know about his character, his atitude, his relationship with others, his VOICE, his charisma,...about his ACCIDENT in 2007--well, in my deepest opinion, being "magnae" (the youngest) in Super Junior give many lessons to him for being wise and mature...That's Cho Kyu Hyun who is loved by everyone, his "hyung" (senior), and me *hehehehehehe

One thing I appreciate the most in Super Junior is that THEY have REAL talented singers, like KYU. If you search in YOUTUBE: "vocal ranking in Super Junior", maybe you and me (as Kyuhyun biased) will be very surprised since Kyu is not the first...there is another man that has been blessed by incredible voice: UNIQUE, SEXY, WIDE range of melody, and join Super Junior long before Kyu.............................

WHO ELSE??!!! He is YESUNG, one and only Yesung.

On November 6, 2005, Yesung officially debuted on SBS's music program Popular Songs as a member of Super Junior 05, the first generation of Super Junior. The group performed their first single "TWINS (Knock Out)" with an audience of about 500 fans. A full studio album was released a month later, which debuted at #3 on the monthly MIAK K-pop album charts.[1]
Yesung was born in CheonanSouth Chungcheong, has a younger brother, Kim Jong-jin. At a young age, he has expressed interest in singing. In 1999, Yesung joined a broadcasted singing competition and won gold at the Chun-an Singing Competition. In 2001, Yesung's mother signed him up to audition for SM Entertainment's Starlight Casting System, a casting audition that selects artists to sign under the label. He impressed the judges with his "artistic voice", and signed under SM Entertainment that same year. In late 2004, Yesung was recruited into the large all-male rotational boy band Super Junior.(

But why does not he so popular like other members of Super Junior??In general, maybe only some people that really are Yesung far as I know, he looks like more "mysterious" and has different aura from Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Siwon, etc...but why it can be like that?? *To be honest, I feel the same way at the beginning...and now I decide to put on this note in my blog to tell the world that YESUNG is TOO PRECIOUS to be neglected.

___here they are the chronologies how I adore and respect him so much_____ :)

>>I have no IDEA about him because at first, he seems very ordinary to me (outside)
>>I watch MV of "The One I Love" that is sang by Super Junior K.R.Y and I started to give a litle attention to his voice...even more, I admit that his voice is so touching and melting everyone's heart in different way from Kyu
>> I listen to all songs in Super Junior 3rd and 4th album---and I FOUND interesting facts that almost HIGH and DIFFICULT parts are sang by him...ten thumbs up!! He can sing from a very low tones until very HIGH, even Kyu cannot beat him--- 0_^
>> I love Super Junior K.R.Y. very much and I realize that Yesung voice is the sexiest between them
>> I've already watched "Cinderella Sister" and few weeks ago I just get info that the main soundtrack of this drama is sang by YESUNG!!whewwwwwwww, take a deep breath ^^

Within these days, I just realize that Yesung is one of Suju member that love his parents sooo his twitter, I often see his picture with his mom and dad...very lovely...In the past, Yesung is the member who is really happy with the launching of Super Junior third album, SORRY SORRY. But he was known as a member that has less fans --- Lee Soo Man from S.M. Entertainment got mad because of this. His scene in some events and shows are often cut since they are considered "not important"....Well, Yesung cried at that time ='(

HEY, HOW UNFAIR!people in Korea, Asia, and world have to KNOW who is the REAL talented SINGER in Super Junior...opp, right, maybe they can dance, rap, act, being a MC, host in radios and TV showa, but HELLOOO, SUPER JUNIOR is boyband right? their main role is TO SING BEAUTIFULLY and send the message through their songs...(THAT's WHY I also appreciate KYUHYUN in the first place--because he can do "it" very well).....

..My wish is Yesung will be more well-known around the world and will sing MORE MORE beautiful songs =)

Wait...then what if you face the most difficult question: WHICH ONE do u prefer, Kyuhyun or Yesung voice?
WHOAAAAA, along my life journey, still I have rights to answer that kind of question?? I cannot choose between them, PLEASE, they are very talented and have capability in singing. In one side, I think Yesung is technically win from Kyu, but Kyu has unique timbre and "manly" voice that I really like. :D ;D :D

[This notes I dedicate to Yesung, --the most beautiful and sexiest voice in SUPER JUNIOR...]

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